When Working in a Laboratory what Rules Should you Follow?

Working in a laboratory is a little different to a normal workplace such as an office. There are a lot more safety rules and regulations that need to be followed in a laboratory, and they must be followed by everyone who works there. If these regulations are not adhered to, it can be incredibly dangerous indeed.

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It is always crucial to follow instructions exactly. When instructed how to do something, it is important that is done exactly that way. If you are unsure of something, ask before going ahead with it and guessing. For example, this American laboratory relocation service through Aport global specialise in moving delicate equipment and know how important it is that a strict set of rules are adhered to so that accidents are avoided.


It is essential that you are dressed properly for laboratory work. In a laboratory, the dress code is there to protect you, so adhering to it is essential. Always make sure that you have hair tied back and no jewellery on before working in a lab, as well as wearing all of the protective equipment required for the job.

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No food and drink is a really strict and important rule. You could run the risk of contaminating ongoing experiments or poisoning yourself with a chemical by accident. When drinking it may be all too easy to pick up the wrong beaker and accidentally ingest a dangerous chemical rather than your drink of choice.