Licensed Practical Nurses: Joy of Helping

Licensed practical Nurse is a term used for a special category of nurses in the North American Continent. This is a degree that is makes an individual eligible to look afterthe sick and the disabled with a training that lasts just one year in duration. It is easy to become a licensed practical nurse and make a decent living while at the same time helping others. If you want to get into the noble medical profession without studying hard and investing many years of your life, it is advisable to try and become an LPN. LPN is a rung lower than the Registered Nurse and you can always aspire to become an RN once you get some experience working as an LPN.

Licensed Practical Nurses are a rung lower than full-fledged Registered Nurses

Nurses are health care providers different from doctors in their approach, training, and attitude. They are known to have a passion to help sick and disabled and this is precisely why nurses are respected widely in the medical world. If you do not have the time to become a registered nurse, you can opt to become a licensed practical nurse with a single year of training.

These nurses work under the supervision of RN or physicians

Licensed practical nurse helps and assists patients in carrying out their daily activities such as bathing, eating, and dressing. They also administer dosage of medication as specified by the doctor or the RN. These professionals are given training to take accurate vital stats of the patients such as temperature, blood pressure, sugar levels; hear rate, and so on. All you need is a caring attitude and a desire to help patients to make life easier for them to become a licensed practical nurse. If you look at the job profile and the responsibilities of an LPN on our webpage, it would become clear to you that the main role of an LPN is to provide relief to the RN and the doctors by taking up most of the routine tasks of handling the patients physically. These nurses are also required to keep a record of the appointments and the medical records of the patients to make it easier for the doctors.

Replacement of bandages, dressing up of wounds, giving medications, administering injections, bathing and dressing up of patients are the main duties of an LPN. They are expected to handle medical equipment and also to record vital stats of their patients. For patients who cannot take care of themselves and need assistance in carrying out their daily cores, LPN’s do everything to make their lives easier. However, an LPN cannot perform specialized functions of a registered nurse as is seen in the cases of surgery, obstetrics, and pediatrics. But it is easier for an LPN to become a registered nurse by completing the training of 2 years froma recognized nursing school.

You can get employment easily after becoming LPN

To get employment as an LPN, you need to do the course from an accredited nursing institute and then pass the exam conducted by a National Council. The demand for LPN’s is on a rise these days because of the fact that life expectancy has increased and more and more old age people require the help and assistance of nurses to lead a normal life. It is also to reduce the workload of the doctors and nurses as LPN’s take up the routine clerical and clinical jobs in addition to providing help to patients and the disabled to carry out their daily chores. Opening up of more and more nursing homes has resulted in a boom in the LPN market. It has created opportunities for all individuals who have somehow not been able to study beyond their High School. If you go by our website, it is easy to complete the training at a nursing school and pass the relevant LPN certification exam to become a qualified LPN in a year. Once you have become an LPN, it is easy to find employment in hospitals, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, clinics, and other medical settings. More and more LPN’s are being sought these days by people to take care of their aged and sick parents on a daily basis.