Back Pain Exercise

You might find is surprising if you get to know that too much of rest during a back pain problem can worsen the condition. To recover completely you should do some back pain exercise after a couple of days rest.

The planned approach of back pain exercise help to distribute the nutrients to the various components i.e. thru the spinal column, nerves, feeding the muscles, ligaments, and even joints. While some of the stretching back pain exercise would make the back supple others would strengthen the back and will make it well-built. Strengthening of the back will increase the capacity of the back to handle more strain and prevent it from future back pain.

Back Pain Exercise

The back pain exercise has to be done in a selected manner. Not all the exercises will help in any type of back pain. Depending on the severity your health care provider or a spine care expert will suggest specific back pain exercise to meet your requirements. Thus a doctor’s advice will help you to choose the appropriate exercises.

Back pain exercises keep back pain from recurring. Regular stretching will strengthen the back which will prevent it from injury. In case of chronic back pain, regular plan for daily stretching needs to be carried out for a minimum period of six months. You might need to do the stretching even more than once per day. A date wise written schedule to strengthen the specific group of muscles would also help. Slow warm up before the back pain exercise and equally slowly cool down after doing the exercise are important parts of the process.

Muscles in buttocks provide flexibility to your hips and pelvis. Squeezing the gluteus muscles both will help to get rid of the back pain when you watch TV.

Hamstrings stretch gives good back pain exercise without using any equipment. Hamstring helps us to give ourselves a correct posture as they are located at the back of each leg. You can make use of chair to elevate your legs and create a stress between them. The position needs to be maintained for 20 or 30 seconds.

The piriformis muscle nauseating the sciatic nerve causes piriformis syndrome. To perform the piriformis stretch – Lie down on back with your right hip and keep knee flexed. Grasp you right knee and left hand, then slowly pull the knee in the direction of left shoulder. Repeat this exercise same way for left side side. Doing this exercise with a light music might make it more interesting.

A firm Psoas Major can limit the mobility of the lower back, making it not easy to kneel on both knees or standing for long periods, resulting in back pain. To carry out Psoas Major Stretch go down on your right knees with you left food on the ground and the left knee bend. Keep your hand on right gluteus muscle after that make tighter it while rotating the right leg outward. While leaning ahead through hip, you must sense the stretch in the right hip. Do same for left leg. Include young children at home in back pain exercise.