5 Diet or How to Lose Weight Fast and Effortlessly

Whether you’re on a diet or not, you should know what this plan is about. It is very simple and, best of all, you can lose up to two kilos a week

The basis of the diet focuses on making five meals throughout the day, made up of 80 grams of fruits and vegetables, mostly green

A typical day with this diet could consist of the following:

    Breakfast: a handful of blueberries and a slice of kiwi with nonfat yogurt.

Lunch: fruit with a handful of nuts (banana with nuts and raisins, for example).

Food: Salmon fillet with green salad and Tzatziki sauce (carries cucumber and Greek yogurt).

Snack: fruit with a handful of nuts

Dinner: lean lamb chop with vegetables and couscous.

The times of the intakes must be distributed consistently throughout the day, that is, there is about 3-4 hours difference between each intake. It would not make sense to snack at 20:00 and have dinner at 21:00. Also, the portions should be modest in size. The only thing that is prohibidisimo in this diet is sugary drinks, whose consumption must be cut from the root. It is a very simple and easy to follow regime, just remember the simple rules and carry it out. Come and try it and tell us.

What works: 5 meals a day

In addition to choosing the ingredients well, eating five times a day facilitates our race towards thinning. If we eat every few hours, we will prevent the body from accumulating more facts, because of our body, which is wise, tends to prepare for starvation when we lower the intake of calories sharply. Also, by increasing the frequency of intake we will increase the metabolism of the body, which will cause us to burn fat without doing anything.

Eating only a couple of times a day in large quantities tends to gain more weight than taking the same total amount but distributed in four or five intakes. If you increase the frequency of your meals you will avoid the highs and lows of sugar and that dangerous sensation of suddenly needing a sweet snack. If you spend hours on an empty stomach, the levels go down too much and the body ‘asks for’ a relief, which leads to anxiety and eating the first thing you do.

Several studies have shown the effectiveness of five meals a day. One of the last was this, carried out by experts from the universities of California and New Mexico, who advocate even increasing six meals a day, since ” calorie restriction is effective in reducing fat body mass and helps To lose weight, and increased intake attenuates changes in fat-free body mass. “Although much remains to be investigated in relation to the required amount of daily meals, it is clear that never eating less than three times at day.

Sister of the Diet 5: 2

If the 5: 5: 5 regimen does not convince you, surely the 5: 2 diet does. The plan, which has already been followed by hundreds of people around the world, is the older sister of the aforementioned. The first became fashionable in 2013 after ‘ The Horizon ‘, a documentary emitted by the BBC in which we could see the journalist Michael Mosley follow the diet to the letter. Surprising? In only one month he lost 6.5 kg and his body fat decreased by 25%. It also improved your blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Making five intakes a day makes it easier to lose weight. If we eat every few hours, we will prevent the body from accumulating more fat

The 5: 2 diet consists of eating what you want for five days a week and drastically reducing your calorie intake the remaining two days. In the case of men, you should not take more than 600 calories, while in the case of women it is reduced to 500. A really low amount, since the recommended daily amount is about 2,000 calories. However, it seems to work, especially if combined with exercise.