Want to recreate the preppy look? Here’s how

The preppy look is a style that has its roots deep with the 1950’s and 1960’s. It comes from the Ivy league colleagues, Yale, Harvard and Princeton etc in the United States of America. It has a very unfussy feel that is clean and crisp. One way you can get the latest incarnation is to have a look at some Calvin Klein Menswear as you will be sure to find some examples from the list below.

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A revival of the ’90s iteration is the latest preppy look. This means spacious hoodies, looser-fitting shirts and “mom-style” jeans. This is a marked step away from the past decade’s slender models. A key preppy item will always be Chinos. These are slightly broader than before, but with a turn-up, they are still tapered and ideally completed. They should never be pleated, or ironed in with a crease.

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Patterns should be kept to a minimum and occur on one clothing piece only. Proper preppy patterns involve nautical stripes, especially on women’s polo shirts or tops. It is possible to try new designs, such as gingham or tartan, for the 2017 onwards preppy style.


The pinnacle in casual preppy footwear is white tennis trainers or deck shoes, ideally without socks for a bit of classic preppy ankle showing. Leather loafers also have smart footwear choices. The preppy look is synonymous with an upper-class lifestyle of quiet confidence, elegance, and comfort. For the greatest effect, be sure to be seen in your preppy clothes out on the cruise, at a garden party or college reunion.