How to style black jeans

Trousers will always be a fundamental part of the male wardrobe, with a good pair of black jeans essential for casual looks. When you invest in the right black jeans, they can be the building block for many great outfits.

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Black jeans can work with a variety of colours, but going monochrome is always smart and has timeless appeal. Experiment with a fitted white shirt, a cream T-shirt or a loose unstructured shirt in a fabric such as ivory linen for a variety of silhouettes. If you invest in good pair of jeans, such as mens ETO denim jeans, you will have a versatile basis and will look and feel great in a range of social situations.

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Combine with colour

Another look that will work with black jeans is the richly patterned and vividly coloured shirt. Black is a strong colour yet unlikely to clash with anything it is combined with; what’s more, black never goes out of fashion and can make a variety of colours look much more sophisticated.


You may have distressed black jeans in your wardrobe. These tend to work well with a more urban feel and could be paired with a white hoodie, a shirt in a plain colour and white trainers. This is a great look for parties and hanging out with friends.

Statement accessories

Another alternative is to pair a black T-shirt with black mens ETO denim jeans to create a canvas on which you can show off your style with accessories. This would be the perfect look to combine with boots with interesting detailing or a statement hat.

Jeans made from quality materials, such as mens ETO denim jeans, are an excellent base that can easily swing from casual to more formal. For more inspiration on different looks that can be based around black jeans, check out the Guardian’s photo gallery of the best looks for men of all ages.

Black jeans are generally flattering and can be a reliable option when you are not sure what to wear. As they can be styled up or down to suit the occasion, you can always feel confident in them and know you are dressed appropriately.