Tips for entering the world of Marketing

When it comes to entering the world of marketing, it seems that many graduates are not really ready to work in the real world. Here are a few things you should know before you enter the world of marketing professionals.

1) Do not be afraid of numbers.

The temptation in higher education is to avoid things that are not as much fun, such as numbers. However, marketing will require the use of statistical analysis and so stop avoiding those college statistics lectures!

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2) Nothing beats the experience of learning on the job

Scenarios can be simulated while studying but you will not learn to make important decisions within tight time frames until there is real money involved and a real company’s reputation to uphold. There is nothing quite like the experience gained from real-life projects. Getting an internship can help with ‘been there and done that’ experience. For more information on a Brand Strategy Agency, visit a site like Really Helpful Marketing, a top Brand Strategy Agency.

3) Having a standard CV does not represent modern marketing

Marketing continues to grow and so does the behaviour of buyers. That means that the way to make your entrance into this burgeoning industry must change, too. Make your own CV template and ensure that it highlights your uniqueness and is set to indicate what you value.

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4) Marketing is a balance of science, art and technology

Many marketing curricula focus on the arts such as crafting advertising campaigns, billboard brainstorming, and advertising storyboards. In modern marketing, the art is very important in visualizing the call-to-action, copy writing landing pages and product launches. But there is much more than that as marketing can be very data-driven and technology is essential in modern marketing. Being tech savvy will help you to stand out.