Trade Secrets; Improve Your Home Like A Pro!

During a cosy night in watching home improvement programmes, do you find your eyes wondering to the peeling wallpaper, the large stash of DVD’s and assortment of stuff generally dubbed ‘clutter’ by these so-called-experts? If you’ve answered yes, the big question is – are you going to do anything about it?

If action is what you want but you don’t know how to organise a decorative assault on your home, then panic not my little decorating fiend because this little guide is about to give you some much need direction.

Identify What It Is You Want to Improve

Sometimes we get a bee on our bonnet where we want to change the entire house – stripping paper down in one room as you begin moving furniture from another. This is not only haphazard (and dare I say crazy?) it also increases the chances of you not finishing anything. So, choose one aspect of your home (preferably in one room) that you want to alter – and then begin the assault!

Tip One: Achieving The Illusion of Space

You don’t need to build a new extension to increase the amount of space in your home – you just need to be clever. There are many ways to achieve this, and luckily for you we’ve listed some of the best trade secrets below.

– Use Light, Fresh and Neutral Colours
– Use Fitted Wardrobes to Hide Clutter and Utilise the Space
– Get Rid of Clutter
– Hang a mirror for added light
– Fit French doors for added light and space

Tip Two: The Act of Decoration

If you’re not confident enough to hang your own wallpaper – call in a professional; but remember once you’ve done it your confidence will grow and you’ll get better at it. So why not give it a go. There are many ways to decorate a room, but if you’re going to do it you might as well do it like a professional – so here is your need-to-know checklist;

– Strip the wallpaper
– Wipe the walls down to remove excess glue and paper
– Cover the carpet with old bed sheets
– Sand down all wood work
– Paint all woodwork
– Paint the walls (if necessary)
– Apply the wallpaper
– Move the furniture back into the room
– Search for accessories and furnishings to complete the look

Top Tip: if you want to incorporate a bold/bright colour use it either as an accent colour or on one focal wall. The colour will appear brighter and bolder without over dominating the room itself.

Hopefully these little tips have helped you go forth and redecorate your home like the pro you are, and if so why not share your DIY stories with us?