The Basics of Occupational Health

Occupational health and safety, is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the care of individuals in the occupation, the environment in which they work, and their occupational environment. Occupational health is usually seen as something that focuses on the work environment of a certain job, but it can also include an individual’s social and psychological well being while at work.

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Occupational health is becoming a more important consideration in today’s society because of the increased rate of sickness among many people who work in industries such as construction, farming, textiles, packaging, transportation, and so forth. These industries often have poor working conditions, long hours, little or no health insurance, low pay, and other such conditions that put the health of many people at risk.

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For some companies it is best to work with a Occupational Health Wales company such as Insight Occupational health to ensure that they are meeting all their legal obligations for looking after the health and welfare of their employees. This could mean drawing up policies and procedures, looking at ways to provide workplace assessments and offering staff support of an employee assistance program if that is appropriate.

In order to perform in their jobs efficiently and effectively staff may need to be supported in a number of different areas. A good company, like the one mentioned above will be able to talk you through all the requirements on your business as well as discussing ways in which you can further support your employees in the workplace.