Returning to The Office Safely and the Importance of Cleaning

With everyone heading back out to work in the office, many workplaces are having to make some changes to ensure that the risk of catching covid is low, and that staff feel  safe to come back to the office.

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Keeping the office as clean as possible is something that all staff should take part in. It is a good idea to get a professional clearer to come in like this contract cleaning Cheltenham based company Big Green Cleaning, but it is also a good idea to ensure that all staff are onboard with the cleaning arrangements, and that everyone ensures that they take part in them.


Regularly briefing staff on the importance of cleaning is a great idea, that way standards cant slip and it stays fresh in people’s minds. It is also a good idea to operate a rota system, so that various cleaning jobs are shared around on a weekly basis – this is a good way of keeping everything fresh.


Setting up an internal clean team in the office is a highly effective idea that many workplaces use – the responsibility of different parts can then be shared amongst all staff, and it also fosters a community approach to making sure that the workplace is germ free.

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As well as cleaning, other things that you can put in place to keep the office safe are open windows and good ventilation, as well as clear plastic screens that can be placed between desks of people who are facing one another.