A Brief History of Marketing

Marketing is something that many successful businesses use to help them to grow their company and communicate well with their customers. It is something that we tend to think of as modern and has become even bigger with the birth of the digital age – companies like this SEO Belfast based company Ryco Marketing provide online  marketing to businesses. But marketing is in fact something that has been around for a very long time…


During the 1960s, the world of marketing really started to take off. The growing competition across most industries meant that companies were always looking for new and innovative ways to be the best and stand out from the crowd.

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During this period, branding became big news and companies started to forge their own brand identity after realising its importance – companies like Coca Cola, and McDonalds are just two companies that have done very well from their strong brand identity and their marketing strategies.

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Since the 60s, something else that became a big part of marketing was the relationship that the company had with the customers. Not only building a relationship, but successfully maintaining a long term relationship was something that became big in marketing and many companies realised the importance of this.


In the modern age it is all about digital marketing. Of course customer relationships and branding have their place, but these ideas have now moved online and much is done via social media and with the use of Google in this day and age.