How to negotiate our conditions with our customers

More and more people who are professionally linked to organizations as a freelancer or freelance.

In this role, one has greater awareness of the importance of negotiating a fair rate performance to be performed and an appropriate working relationship.

How to negotiate our conditions with our customersWhat to consider when negotiating with your client?

  • Agility

It is expected to contribute from day without adjustment period. Therefore, trading should be based on a well-defined, realistic and well connected to what you can achieve, when and how to plan.

  • Functions

Take time to get to know the organization in advance, your business, strategy, values and relevant news and thus have a real organizational vision of trading.

  • Establish our value

Negotiate from a position of power so it is indisputably clear, for example, through our recommendations or customer base, allowing us to show that we are in a position that will allow us to make a great performance.

  • Knowing the value of our performance to the organization

It is vital to know what impact the success of the company, and what it will cost failure.

If we are aware of our abilities and skills and that are essential for our customer allow us to be more demanding when negotiating our conditions.