10 tips to give the right name to your startup

The name is the first business card of a startup. And it can have a decisive impact on the success of the company. It can attract customers or, if they are wrong, confuse them.

But how to find the winning name? Here are some useful tips published by the American magazine Forbes …

1. Avoid difficult names

The name must be short and easy to write and remember, to allow customers to easily find your startup, even online.

2. Do not choose a “restrictive” name

Think big and do not choose a name that is tied only to a branch of your business, a specific product or a city.

3. Do a search on the Internet

Verify that others are not already using the name you have chosen for your business.

4. Get the domain with the chosen name

Make sure you can create website and social pages with the name you have chosen.

5. Use a name that makes sense

In this way, potential customers / users will immediately understand what your startup is about. In addition, a name with a meaning, consistent with your business, will also be useful for search engine optimization.

6. Research the brand

Check if there is already a registered trademark with your name, so that you can submit your application.

7. Make sure the name is catchy

We must avoid trivial and not very creative choices. But even those too extravagant. It is important that the name hits the target audience, also functions in other languages and sounds well. For example, Jeff Bezos had chosen “Cadabra” for his e-commerce, before Amazon. But his lawyer convinced him to change his name. “Cadabra” sounded too much like “corpse”. Bezos chose Amazon, like the Amazon River, the longest river in the world.

8. Get feedback

Rate the name with friends, relatives or trusted colleagues. And seek an opinion even among potential customers. Make sure the name does not cause negative feelings.

9. Use the resources available for brainstorming

There are several online sites that can help you find a name for your business. They generate different alternatives starting from a word.

10. Be satisfied with the chosen name

The first to believe it must be you. If a name does not completely convince you, take more time to find the right one.