Your Diamond ring care and safety tips

Diamond rings are some of the most beautiful items of jewellery, but they can also be difficult to care for. Thankfully there are some great tips for looking after diamonds. Read on for more tips on caring for your precious diamond ring.

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Some people immediately look to re-size their diamond eternity ring if it starts to feel tight or loose. Remember that many things can affect how your ring feels, including the temperature and your own weight fluctuations. The best time to make sure your ring fits is in the late afternoon or after exercise to make allowances for any swelling of the fingers.

If you live in a hot climate and are ring shopping in a cold climate, it’s best to buy one size larger, as your skin will swell slightly in hotter weather. Also, don’t go ring shopping when pregnant, as your fingers might be a different size from normal. If your ring is always loose after considering the size for a long time, you should re-size, as loose rings will wear the diamond down with the setting moving around all the time.


You should check the setting regularly, including prongs. Ideally once per year you should have it assessed by a professional. Classic settings, such as solitaire rings, don’t need much checking, but a rare setting might need a closer eye on it. Check that prongs are equal in length and shape and distance, and if it sounds loose when you shake the ring, the prongs could need tightening.

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Reconsider any upgrades to a larger stone because a larger carat size might not always look any bigger, as the carat only refers to weight, not size. There are lots of options for upgrades at top jewellers. However, it can be very expensive to pay for a higher carat and you don’t want to pay a month’s salary for a ring that looks the same.


Keep ring dishes around your home so you can easily store your ring safely if you need to take it off. Keep ring dishes in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, so you will always know where to look for it and it can never go missing. The most important tip for caring for your diamond ring is not to lose it! You may want to consider getting a Locksmith Sheffield company to come and check all your locks and potentially install new ones to your home for extra safety as some rings can be worth thousands of pounds.