Would you like Sheldon Cooper as a teacher?

There are times in our lives when we all need a little help. The world is a big confusing place and at times we need a teacher who understands something we don’t, to explain it to us. For example the World of maths might seem impenetrable but with the help of a Maths Tutor Gloucester from https://www.achieverstutoring.org.uk/ you can get there with it. You are not alone in thinking this but it is very important to get the right person. One of the best examples where this doesn’t happen is the case of Penny in the Big bang Theory. She has recently started a relationship with Leonard and after watching him have a conversation about his work with Bernadette Penny decides she wants to know more about Leonard’s work. She unwittingly asks Sheldon to tell her.

Sheldon is not keen to start with but convinces him that it will be a great experiment. Can he teach a “thicko” like Penny anything to do with Physics? Sheldon agrees likening it to teaching a gorilla sign language.  Penny doesn’t want Leonard to know that she is trying to learn and Sheldon doesn’t want anyone to know he is teaching her so it works both ways. Penny arrives.  Sheldon gives her a notebook and so the lesson begins.

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“It’s a warm summer evening in ancient Greece…,” Sheldon’s lecture begins in a surprisingly whimsical start. He tries to tell Penny about how the first physicist’s looked up at the stars and began to ponder their passage across the sky and what this could mean. He looks knowingly at her new notebook as if to say “you should be writing this down”, she responds by asking what any of this has to do with what Leonard is working on and that she needs to go to the bathroom. Sheldon is annoyed by this and asks her to hold it in. As he has explained that the course will take in two thousand and six hundred years of history Penny says she can’t wait that long and Sheldon agrees to her request. This process he admits is exhausting him.

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The knowledge still doesn’t go in and Penny starts to cry. Sheldon doesn’t understand why she is doing this and says the only reason he cry’s is because nobody else is as intelligent as he is. In desperation Penny beseeches him to tell her what Leonard does. Sheldon tells her he works with subatomic particles. Penny asks what they are and Sheldon says “A good question.  It’s a warm summer evening in ancient Greece…”

Eventually she does remember a script that Sheldon gives her to say and she also adds that Fig Newton’s were named after a town and not Sir Isaac the scientist.