Why have plants in your office?

Many studies have shown that being surrounded by nature can improve our emotional wellbeing and physical health. This is one of the reasons why having plants in the office can boost productivity in the workplace. Workers are happier, less stressed and more able to function well.

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Plants can help to reduce feelings of stress, tension and anxiety. Plants also clean the air and purify it so there are fewer toxins for us to breathe in. This physical effect also creates a healthier environment. The colour green has also been shown to be a relaxant and can calm people emotionally.

Improved productivity

Workspaces that include a few houseplants can actually improve the productivity of people in the office. The most important thing about plant placement is that everyone can see a plant from their desk. Having a plant in visible distance, ideally on the desk or a few metres away, helps people to concentrate and improves memory.

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Related to the physical and emotional benefits of plants is the sickness level in the office. The addition of plants to an office space reduces ill health symptoms, such as fatigue, dry skin complaints and eye irritation. Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air, along with other chemicals, such as benzene and formaldehyde and toxins left by cleaning products and air fresheners.

Cleaning powers

They work as cleaning agents, in a similar way to a real cleaner. If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning in Gloucester, or any other city, plants can work alongside a professional cleaning company to create a healthier environment. You can easily get Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Gloucester by Cleanable and it is even easier to install a few medium sized plants to help with the cleaning efforts.

The cleaning properties of plants could be to thank for reduced sickness levels. Even a small plant helps to clean the air and can make a detectable difference to the air quality. Plants also absorb sound so they help reduce the noise of distracting office chatter.

Plants can be attractive to potential employees as they make an office look attractive. Natural light and plants create a feeling of natural harmony. Good office plants are peace lilies, rubber plants, aloe and cacti. Just make sure the plants are watered regularly and have access to some daylight.