Why cleaning your roof is very important.

If like me, you barely give your roof a second thought other than I hope its not leaking, it might be time to have a look and see how clean it is. Your roof has to take a lot. Rain, Snow, harsh sunlight, it gets exposed to a magnitude of weather and wind throughout the year. There is also the effluent from our feathered friends, plus their nests to contend with. Therefore, it’s an idea to invest in the services of some Roof cleaning services Worcestershire way or anywhere else in the country for that matter. If you’re that way, then http://www.lwpressurewashing.com/ might be an idea to have a look at. But why? I hear you ask, surely the rain will wash any muck off. Maybe, but it won’t be a deep clean and here is why you need to do it.

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One of the things that you should look out for is staining of the tiles. It usually means that there is moss or lichen and it has taken a hold. Moss and lichens love your tiles and they will see them as a lovely source of food. If left untreated they can promote a damp that can, through time get through to the wooden arches of the rood and help start them to rot. Get too much on the roof and it also starts to lose the ability to reflect sunlight.  The algae and moss whilst it grows is only too happy to absorb that sunlight, making it grow more. This absorption makes the attic warmer and means you have to get the fans out to cool the house down pushing up the electricity bill. One last feature of our enemies the moss and lichens are that it starts to help mould get a hold easier on the home as well. This can have serious problems by creating more illness or making lung conditions such as asthma worse.

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One very important thing to consider is that if you have an overly dirty roof it maybe that your insurance company will not honour the policy that you have with them. The insurance companies are fully aware of what those stains can mean, and they will expect you to keep the house tidy and to a good standard. That brings us to another factor, the beauty of your house and how it looks. Let’s be honest no one is going to consider buying your home if you come to sell it and its covered in moss. It’s a bit Haloweenish isn’t it?

So, before any of these terrible things have a chance to happen pop along to that website and have a look at what’s on offer.