Why choose a fabric roof structure for your farming needs

Many farms choose to install fabric roof structures because they offer multiple benefits for farming needs. They offer a bright and airy structure for livestock and storage, allowing lots of natural light to enter, far more than a conventional brick building. This reduces the cost of artificial lighting, with lighting only required during the night. Such a large, open scale structure also helps to provide better air quality and more effective ventilation, creating a more comfortable and healthier environment for workers and livestock alike. Here are some further benefits:

Storage for hay

Hay can be quite vulnerable, so it’s wise to protect with a fabric roof structure. A structure like this will reduce any spoiling of hay, grain or other commodities and protect the nutritional value of feed for livestock. These structures are known for their open, clear span design which means no column supports hampering space, leading to better access to crops and livestock for people and machinery. For more information on Fabric Covered Buildings, visit https://www.spatialstructures.com/building-systems-explained

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Storage for equipment

This kind of structure is the ideal solution for storing farming equipment efficiently. The lack of interior support columns provides greater ease for manoeuvring inside the space. Storing in one of these structures makes good sense to protect your assets from potential damage caused by wind, rain, UV rays and snow, for example. The elements can cause expensive equipment to rust, wear out faster and be more prone to break down. By keeping them safe in a fabric roof structure, you are increasing the life of your equipment and providing a safer environment for workers who can operate with plenty of light and space.

Choosing to erect a structure like this is a much quicker process than a traditional bricks and mortar build. A fabric roof is more airtight, better insulated, more economical and safer to operate in.


A fabric roof metal framed space offers greater comfort for livestock and those tasked with looking after them. It makes the work far easier when the animals are housed away from the elements and preferably in a well-ventilated space with better air quality. The clear span layout means visibility is never an issue and there is space for movement and improved air circulation, lowering the risk of disease amongst the herd. These structures are proven to reduce moisture and bacteria build-up, resulting in fresher, drier atmosphere that comes with options like roll-up sides as well.

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Horse Riding

Fabric buildings with a clear span design are great for equestrian needs. Riding and training can take place all year round, no matter the weather. There is better height and space when compared to conventional wood or brick buildings, with the ability to make the most of every inch of space. The fabric is also sound absorbing, providing a more peaceful experience for rider and horse. For these reasons, the structures are perfect for stables, stalls, boarding and run-ins too.