Who’s Who On Set

Have you ever wondered about what goes on during the filming of a TV programme or film? Behind the camera is a massive network of people doing a wide variety of different jobs in order to get the production to a screen near you! Here is a breakdown of just some of the different jobs and people you’ll find on the set during filming:

The maintenance of a set is a big job with various different professions involved, including:

Grip Staff – These are the guys and girls responsible for putting together and maintaining all the support equipment for cameras and sound systems. This could include dollies, jibs, cameras, light stands, and any mechanisms needed for the operation of equipment. People who enter this profession will have a penchant for problem-solving, engineering, manual working and technical abilities.

Camera – Filming involves much more than simply pointing a camera and pressing record. Some of the camera personnel include First Assistant Camera, 2nd Assistant Camera, Director of Photography, Stills Photographer and Media Management. These are the people responsible for prepping and operating the cameras, setting up of the monitors, managing digital media and tracking footage.

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Production – The production crew is one of the largest, involving anything from looking after the needs of the actors to finance and organization. Jobs include the Unit Production Manager, Secretary, Personal Assistants, Production Co-ordinators and Assistants to the Director and Producer. People who choose this line of work are not always tied to a set, have great knowledge of everything that’s going on and are adept at communication and problem-solving.

Props – The Props department deals with every object needed for filming items like weapons, food, furniture and anything an actor needs to touch or hold during filming. If you love attention to detail and sourcing the perfect objects, then this job would suit you. Job titles include Property Master, Prop Assistants, Animal Care and Food Stylists.

Medical Staff – For most set filming, especially if there are stunts or lots of people on set, it’s customary to have emergency responders close by in case of accident, illness or injury. For all kinds of event medical cover through Outdoor Medical Solutions

Costume – As the name suggests, the Costume department are responsible for everything actors need to wear for the production. It could involve the design of costumes, procurement, alterations and ensuring authenticity. On a big film set, Costume and Wardrobe are often separated into two departments. Wardrobe is responsible for storing costumes, having the correct costumes on set and assisting actors with dressing.

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Hair and Make-Up – To ensure everyone on set looks fabulous, hair stylists and make-up artists create a large department on their own. This also includes highly talented special effects make-up artists, which on a film or programme that needs a lot of special effects, could be a department in its own right. People who are drawn to this profession will need to be good communicators and work closely with actors.