When you need the help of a Plumber

Whilst the thought of your pipes overflowing and water slowly flooding your floor may feel you full of dread, it is in fact one of the main sources of work for a plumber. Plumbers help with all things water related whether this is dealing with potential issues such as blocked and broken pipes as well as the installation of items that need plumbing into the mains such as dishwashers and washing machines.

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Redbridge and sons provide Gloucestershire Property Maintenance Services and they know the skills and demands that are needed in order to work successfully as a plumber. Here are some of the skills needed:

  • Machinery knowledge – working as a plumber will require the use of a variety of tools which range from manual items through to mechanical items. These can be tools that help with everything from closing off a leak, cutting pipes and installing appliances.
  • Problem solving – when faced with broken pipe work and water leaking from key areas it is important to be able to think quickly and resolve the issue as calmly as possible. This may involve shutting off any mains water supply and then dealing with the problem and rectifying it. Many plumbers will often be working on their own and could be turning up to domestic homes without knowing exactly what the issue is. This means that they need to have confidence in their own abilities and knowledge.

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  • Dexterity – working with your hands all day long often in tight and confined spaces means that a plumber needs to have a good level of dexterity. Along with good vision they will be handling small parts and will need to thread fittings, read gauges and blueprints in order to successful complete their job.
  • Overall knowledge – when it comes to dealing with water and water pressure it is important that plumbers are aware of how plumbing systems work and the role that water plays in these. This usually requires a level of studying either at college or as an apprentice working alongside skilled plumbers. Depending on where you are studying this could take anywhere between two and five years with the completion of a final test or exam, before you are issued with a license to work as a qualified and knowledgeable plumber.