What to consider when looking to design your website.

There are many aspects that you need to consider when looking at the design of your website. Finding a good Gloucester Website Design company can be invaluable in getting you that website that you want and need. At first it might seem that the world of the internet is a pretty impenetrable market as it is literally awash with information and sales pitch plus advertising all trying to via for attention. That’s where a Gloucester website design company can help you navigate the seas of internet web design so that you end up with a site that you are happy with and that works for you. There are some things that need to be consider first.

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Firstly, know your audience who are you trying to reach with this website. Naturally it’s your customers but you need to think what keywords are involved in your business that will make it show up when it is input into a search engine. Ideally you want it to be on the first page preferable at the top. You will already have a great and noticeable company or organisation name but there are ways that the website can be moved up the search engines that the company will explain to you through its marketing and content writing team.

The look of your website needs a landing page that is simple in its style and conveys everything that you are about. It’s a mistake to through the browser straight into a busy page that is loaded with images and text as the person searching will be lost by too much data. They are generally looking for a simple message that anchors the company or organisation all together. This could be a quote of a brand message followed by a series of images and a link to get through to the main page. It can also include an audio-visual presentation that can make the site seem welcoming and user friendly.

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It’s like a lure to investigate further and see what the main body of the website holds so that once they have entered the gateway into the website. Once the browser is through the door then you can start to build the message and direct them through the website so that they have an easier path to get what they are looking for you. Again it is important to be on message all the time with this.