What does psychic number denote?

The Psyche number also referred to as Nature number is considered to be one of the most significant aspects of your Numerology Charts and depends on the Date of Birth mainly that varies from 1st to 31stand that can easily be reduced to one single final number. This numerical value emphasizes your psychological model of behavior and plays the key role to the secrets of your behavior and nature.

The Psychic number plays a significant role in one’s preference of friendship, food, marriage, desires, ambition and sex. Numbers are related to influence planets on ambition, desires, needs and behavior in numerology. The planetary influence that is affecting one’s psyche can easily be understood by knowing the psyche number. You will find psychic numbers to be active throughout one’s lifetime and it is very powerful and important till the age of 35 and 40.

The psychic number can easily be influenced by changing the name of an individual. The psychic number points out what an individual thinks about oneself.

Let’s have a look on how you can calculate psychic number:

Say for instance, Rahul’s date of birth is 27/12/1965.

Then his psychic number is 9 which is 2+7=9.

Psychic number is just the total of the date of birth which means just the date.

Now let’s have a look on what psychic number actually signifies:

Psychic number 1 – These individuals are ruled by Sun. They have predetermined set of opinions and ideas. They are spontaneous and they put together their ideas quickly. They are reliable and dominate throughout their own lives. In terms of numerology they are regarded as blessed people in all walks of life. By nature these individuals are happy, cheerful, and positive.

Psychic number 2 – These individuals are ruled by moon. Individuals with this number are helpful, friendly, emotional, imaginative, and moody. They are very romantic and peaceful. They require guides who can assure them about various ways they can execute their thoughts and ideas.

Psychic number 3 – These individuals are ruled by Jupiter. They are quite hardworking, daring, disciplined, independent and ambitious. Though in the beginning of their life they struggle but this struggle is quite good for them as it provides inner development and growth.

Psychic number 4 – These individuals are ruled by Rahu. It makes its inhabitants always varying, never constant. They are helpful, very systematic, religious, reliable, and practical. They have to go through a lot of hard work and struggle and go through many ups and downs in life. They achieve success in the later part of their lives.

Psychic number 5 – These individuals are ruled by MercuryThey are delicate, kind and renowned thinkers. Their active brains are always pre-occupied in thought. They are quick in their plans, spontaneous and love to make alterations throughout out their lives.

Psychic number 6 – These individuals are ruled by Venus. They adore beauty as well as nature. They are quite youthful in their behavior. They are attached to luxury and glamour. They are easily fascinated towards the opposite sex.

Psyche number 7 – These individuals are ruled by Ketu. The phrase “Failure is the key to success” is absolutely correct for them. They are disruptive, uncertain, restless, moody and innovative. They are regarded unfortunate as they have to meet up several failures in their lives.

Psyche number 8 – These individuals are ruled by Saturn. It is a number of determination, confidence and secrecy at the same time. These natives are usually misinterpreted by their relatives and friends.

Psyche number 9 – These individuals are ruled by Mars. Individuals with this numeric value have huge energy that is not easy to hold. They are continuously engages themselves in various kind of activities to attain their desired goals.

So, this is what psychic number is all about.