What do our strange dreams mean?

Dream interpretation is not an exact science and there is no standard way of looking at what our dreams mean. They remain somewhat of an unsolved mystery however some dreams are so common that psychologists generally accept they have a well-understood meaning. Here are some of our most common dreams and how they have been interpreted:

  1. Falling

It is generally believed that this is a kind of warning dream from your subconscious about a big problem currently being experienced in your life, in a relationship or at work. It signifies a feeling of loss of control and helplessness. With a new bed from Bed shops Gloucester, at least you won’t be falling in real life.

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  1. Teeth coming out

There is some disagreement among experts over the meaning of this dream. Some believe it signifies a loss of confidence or self-esteem as teeth represent confidence and power. It is also thought that it’s a sign of stress or impending illness. Either way, it’s a pretty unpleasant dream to have.

  1. Being naked in public

This is generally interpreted as an anxiety dream that suggests the dreamer is feeling vulnerable in some way. It is often experienced by people who have recently started a new job, been offered a promotion or have come into some form of public view or celebrity.

  1. Exams

This is a dream often experienced by high-performing people or perfectionists. It’s a stressful dream and apparently means the dreamer should remain alert. It can also occur in adults who are experiencing stress in the workplace as dreams parallel the experiences of work and school, both sometimes being pressure-filled environments.

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  1. Dying

If you have this unsettling dream, don’t worry as it’s normally a sign that you wish to terminate something in life like a job or relationship. It doesn’t mean you’re going to die imminently! It can be a positive dream, revealing that someone needs to take a new path or direction in life.

  1. Being chased

More of a nightmare than a dream, it’s actually a positive sign. It’s the subconscious telling the dreamer to finally face a problem that has been bothering them. It is experienced more by women than men.

  1. A cheating partner

It is agreed by experts that this isn’t a sigh of clairvoyance so don’t panic. All it means is that you’re aware your partner is spending too much time on something that isn’t you. Trust issues also cause people to have this dream more often.

  1. Being late

This is considered to be a dream where a person is feeling overwhelmed by something in life. The person is taking on too much, making promises they can’t keep, and this is stressing them out.

  1. Flying

A flying dream is a positive and releasing dream. It is a signal for the dreamer to let go of issues they face and let things fall into place naturally. However, it could also symbolise that a situation in real life is out of control.

  1. Trying to drive an out-of-control vehicle

It’s easy to interpret this dream as it does literally symbolise that the dreamer feels little control over an aspect of their life and over their success. It is also a warning sign that a bad habit could turn into a long-term issue.