Wedding essentials range launched by Aldi

Getting married can be an expensive business, and while you may not want to consider compromising on your chosen venue, there are many other ways of reducing the overall cost of your special day.

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The cost of weddings

According to the Independent, a recent survey involving four thousand brides revealed that the average cost of a wedding in the UK has risen to £27,161. This is a 9.6 percent increase on last year’s average, so it is unsurprising that many couples are exploring ways of saving on some of the essentials.

Weddings on a budget

Amongst the retailers that have introduced collections of wedding essentials is Aldi whose new range was introduced in May this year. Aldi’s wedding collection includes rustic decorations that look like expensive handmade items as well as a range of special stationery that gives no hint of its budget roots.

An alternative to the traditional guest book, the Wooden Guestbook from Aldi consists of a white wooden display frame containing eighty wooden hearts on which guests can write their messages. At just £9.99 each, these will not break the bank even if you need three or four for all your guests. Wood also features in the collection of table decorations with letters saying MR & MRS or LOVE.

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With different designs of bunting including a set for making your own, balloons and many other accessories such as scatter gems, ribbons and bubbles for the tables, you can personalise your wedding venue to match your chosen theme.

Because the range has been introduced to coincide with the Royal Wedding, some of the limited edition items will be discontinued so it is worth stocking up while you have the opportunity.

When you have chosen a hotel wedding venue in Gloucester, such as, you will be able to plan what decorations and accessories you need to make the space your own on the day. Some brides find that taking a photo of the room will help in the planning, and if you keep it on your phone it will always be available when you are out shopping, so if you see something you like, you can judge whether it will be suitable.

In addition to decorations, Aldi has everything you need from the 112-page wedding planner to affordable heart-shaped petal confetti.