Up the Ante At Your Event with Ice Art


Ice sculpture is a striking yet inevitably temporary form of art. While some of the most impressive pieces of ice art take hours if not days to produce, soon enough they will melt away. However, thankfully, many of the most impressive ice sculptures from right across the world have been captured for prosperity in photographs. A themed ice sculpture is always a great talking point at a party or other event.
Ice is such a flexible medium, and can be sculpted into practically any shape, meaning that whatever the subject of the event, it is easy to create a bespoke and unique centrepiece that is perfectly in keeping.

Up the Ante At Your Event with Ice Art

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Whether you wish to create a kid-friendly cartoon character or a sophisticated wedding design, introducing ice art into the mix is the ideal way to make your event stand out from the crowd.

Ice sculpture is a unique art form – the nature of ice makes any creation inevitably transitory, and each piece is special because it can only last for a short time. The skill involved is immense, and artists that work with ice have a real feel for the medium, and are thus able to create beautiful objects to tie in exactly with the subject or theme of the occasion.


In the world of ice sculpture, anything is possible. Flowers may be the traditional way to dress a wedding venue, but the addition of one or more ice sculptures is the ideal way to really raise the bar. Add glitz to a corporate event, or inject some icy magic into a child’s birthday party. For a real wow factor, you could consider an ice bar at your event. Increasingly, event organisers are realty thinking outside the box, and are introducing ice as decoration in ever more unconventional ways. Sculpting a company logo in ice is a great way to connect with a new audience. For evening events, a vodka luge is a great way to ‘break the ice’ (not literally!) and will make a stunning focal point.

Ice sculptures can be any size, allowing real flexibility when you are designing an event. While some truly dazzling pieces on an epic scale have been created by ice artists across the world to publicise big events, or sometimes simply as art in its own right, many event planners choose to commission small ice installations to tie in with the theme of the gathering. Another benefit of smaller ice sculptures is that they can be preserved for as long as required in a freezer.

Indeed, Commercial refrigeration storage is ideal to store larger pieces of ice art for as long as required before an event, and afterwards too, if desired. Advice on choosing the perfect freezer for your own particular needs can be found at which.co.uk/home-and-garden/home-appliances/guides/how-to-buy-the-best-fridge-freezer/ And, of course in these days of environmental awareness, it’s always a good idea to research the energy efficiency of a new freezer. Try visiting top10energyefficiency.org.uk/V for more information.

However you choose to use it, ice art is a wonderful way to add impact and atmosphere to your event.  If you are indeed looking to make an impact with a Corporate day out in Dublin you might want to contact specialist agency http://davisevents.ie/blog/festivals-events/.