Understanding Power Management Systems: An Introduction

Navigating through the vast amount of information relating to power management systems can be difficult, unless you have a basic understanding of their function and how they operate. Essentially, power management systems provide an integrated solution for enhancing the reliability of electrical distribution. A PMS will also enhance the cost-effectiveness of your enterprise by improving operational efficiency.

Understanding Power Management Systems

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Benefits of Using a PMS

PMS’ bring a wealth of benefits, including ensuring the quality of the power, achieving a reduction in overall energy consumption, and effectively controlling the amount expended in energy purchase. As more organisations realise the benefits of sustainable and environmentally-ethical solutions, conserving power through an effective PMS is key in the overall strategy for green operations.

Other attributes include:

The ability to control and monitor diesel generators

Implementation of a start/stop safety function

Voltage/frequency controls

Load control and shedding

Separation of functions including controls, alarm and safety

Multiple or single switchboard control

Control of electrical propulsion

One-touch auto sequencing and automated mode control

Automatic connection/restart following blackout.

How PMS’ Operate

The PMS will regulate electrical energy in any combination of generators, by calculating which of the generator combinations are most efficient, based on the load consumptions. Should one of the generators fail or stop, the PMS will enable the power supply to continue, maintaining the normal levels of electrical supply and safety.

Management systems such as the toroidal transformer are designed to ensure that the electrical distribution system is optimised to work seamlessly from the utility service entrance through to the plug. Usually lighter and more compact than the majority of shaped cores, they provide a higher magnetic field through the closed-loop core, which brings benefits including higher inductance and Q factor. Straight core inductors offer an alternative function, with the magnetic field passing through one end of the core.

Through utilisation of an effective power management system or toroidal transformer such as toroidal transformers through Siga, electricity is afforded an enhanced level of safety, manageability and performance.

Managing electrical loads to ensure that available power sources are not overtaxed is a key aspect of effective power management. By optimising safety and reliability while reducing expenditure, utility engineers, operators and system planners can benefit from an improved use of power across a wide range of deployment.