Treat Your Brain and Make Your Own Christmas Gifts

With modern life so stressful, living life in the fast lane and spending increasing hours at work is taking its toll on our health.

A Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body

The human body needs to be active to remain healthy and working properly, but it also needs some precious downtime too, to enable it to regenerate and maintain itself.

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Mental health is constantly at the forefront of the news, and Alzheimer’s Disease is regularly highlighted as more and more people fall victim to its onslaught.

Education means awareness and so keeping mentally fit is promoted as a positive way of keeping mental illness at bay. The experts from Alz recommend regular mental exercise to give successful results.

Of course, being elderly is not a prerequisite as mental health can touch all ages, so taking up an enjoyable hobby is key to success and designing and making your own furnishings like curtains or scarves is right up there in the hobby stakes.

Making and designing your own pieces is a great way of creating something really special and, above all, unique. It can also save money too, as the elements are inexpensive and beautiful pieces can be achieved a very little cost.

 Let Your Personality Shine — Design It Yourself

Using cotton fabrics with an array of colours and style could really bring your inner designer out of the surface.

Once you’ve conquered fabric design why not try something else, maybe making charm bracelets for example? There are many different charms to be found. These are easily attached to a chain by means of a jump ring, so it is quick and simple to make a very personal charm bracelet. These bracelets make lovely gifts for someone special.

Making your own designs and keeping them personal can speak volumes when giving your creative treasures as gifts. It can also bring in extra cash if you decide to turn your hobby into a home-run business.

At craft fairs the originally designed pieces are always the first to be sold. People like having something unique, and many jewellery makers can find themselves snowed under with commissions to design and create something personal.  With Christmas just around the corner you have plenty of time to start thinking of what could be your ideal sellable product.

Perhaps a Santa hat, maybe named scarves for above the fireplace, the good thing is … it’s completely down to you.  You could even make a handy money collection display and put in your Coin Dealers UK collection that you sourced from sites like This will keep your brain active when you try to count how many you have and how much money it equates to.

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Making use of scarves, curtains, bedspreads or even bracelets means being able to make many original pieces and the world is indeed your oyster! The imagination can really go to town and the more unique the better the chance of catching someone’s eye.

Making your own pieces can become a great way to relax and have some quality you time. Your first piece is an opening to a healthy obsession for all things creative, but it will also bring benefits by keeping your mind busy and your fingers active.