Top Tips for Student Accommodation Hunting

If you’re starting a college course this September one of the most important things on your mind is going to be where to live. There are many factors to be considered in finding the right student accommodation for you and here are some top tips to help you make that decision in the easiest way:

  1. The Internet

In this digital age, staying connected in one of students’ top priorities. A strong, secure and reliable internet connection is really important if you want to be studying or conducting research from the comfort of your accommodation. Always be sure to ask about this as you’ll be sorely disappointed if you can’t rely on staying connected in your new digs.

  1. Location

This is equally important, with almost 90% of surveyed students saying this was one of the main concerns over where they chose to live. The location needs to be convenient for college, close to good transport links and near to any amenities you might need, such as shops, libraries, doctor’s surgery and even nightlife! You might think the further out you live the cheaper it will be, but have you factored in the additional costs of public transport? For top-quality Gloucester student accommodation, visit

  1. Friendly Staff

Most students find that it’s important to have friendly staff at their accommodation. Any professionals should be both approachable and friendly, making sure the students are comfortable and content during their time in that accommodation. Chat with them when you view a property or even better, speak to an existing resident to get their thoughts and opinions. Friendliness can make a huge difference in helping young people to settle well into their new lives.

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  1. Security

Your accommodation must be secure, which is often a factor overlooked in the excitement and enthusiasm of choosing somewhere to live. Your student experience should be safe, secure and without worry about your personal safety or that of your possessions. Do some research into your preferred accommodation, ask about security systems and find out if staff are present 24/7 to help you feel safe.

  1. Communal Areas

Areas where to can meet people and socialise are another important factor to consider. Nobody wants to feel isolated so look for accommodation that offers a common room, a gym or even a TV room. Are there shared laundry facilities? Check all the communal areas to see what sort of condition they are in and if they are used regularly.

  1. Trust

One last tip is to always use a trusted and reputable company to lease your accommodation from. Experienced organizations will have the right knowledge and expertise to deal with any queries or issues you might have quickly and professionally. You are guaranteed a smoother and more comfortable experience with a business that’s been ‘in the business’ for some years.