Top Five Keyword Apps to make your Android a Desirable Phone

There have been tens of thousands of Android applications made available in the online realm. Therefore, choosing merely five of the best apps would be a very difficult task. Nonetheless, let us go through the following five keyword apps for Android that you cannot do without.


The application would make you love your phone even more. You could make use of Bobble keyboard to send messages to friends and family. The application enables you to use your face and the message to be sent to the other person over the chat along with the comic story. You could download the app from Google Play Store.

Handcent SMS

The default Android messaging application has been ok, but Handcent SMS is much better. You could customize the overall layout of the messages. You would be able to view the messages in conversation format. You could also password protect the important messages. You could also spell check messages prior to sending it.


Similar to the Android messaging application, the keyboard app is also a better app, but BetterKeyboard is the best. It lives up to its reputation with proximity correction, true multi-touch ability and a wide number of skins to give it colourful appearance.

Snap Photo Pro

You would sack the default Android camera application and spend 99 cents on this amazing application. Snap Photo Pro would let you take multiple shots at a click of a button. It would be great app for catching natural expressions. The digital stabilizer would be useful to help you with shaky hands. The digital zoom would be great for superb photo capturing from a distance. The multiple digital filters could also be applied to the photo.


In order to pimp out your Android, a unique ringtone has been deemed essential. RingDroid would enable you to edit MP3 files.