Three lawn edging ideas

All gardeners know that a carefully mown lawn will set off their planting and landscaping to its best advantage. However, one area that is often overlooked is edging the lawn itself. Using an appropriate lawn edging can add style and character to your garden. Read on for three creative ideas for lawn edging to help your garden stand out.

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Railway sleepers or other wood

Railway sleepers and other wood planks are a popular option for lawn edging. You can either use new wood or recycle or upcycle previously used materials. Sleepers are available for purchase from many suppliers, or you could also look for used scaffolding boards, pallets, planks or even split logs. The straight lines of the wood provide an attractive contrast to the organic forms of plants and flowers, and it’s a more natural look than brick.

Stone, rocks and pebbles

These materials give a permanent and hardwearing edging to your lawn that contrasts well with the grass. Stone, rock and pebble are available in many different colours. You can choose from smaller pebbles to give a seaside feel or larger stones to provide a rugged look. You might wish to choose a local material to help your garden blend into the landscape, or go for a more modern look with other materials. Slate changes colour when it is wet, and many people find this an attractive addition to their garden. It is advisable to use a weed membrane underneath your chosen stones or pebbles to guard against weed growth.

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Flower borders

A border filled with flowering plants is the most traditional lawn edging. Flowers spilling over the edge of a lawn in the height of summer look and smell wonderful and attract wildlife. There are many native British wildflowers that can be used to add colour to a flower border.

Whatever lawn edging you choose, it is important that you keep your lawn looking its best to make the most of your hard work. Choose the appropriate lawnmower for your lawn and keep it well maintained. Briggs and Stratton parts are available from sites such as

If you are carrying out landscaping tasks such as installing new lawn edging, think ahead to make the new edging more durable. Put weed membrane underneath new stones or pebbles, and treat any wooden edging.