The Things You Need to Know About Using a Face Scrub

Face scrubs can benefit any skin-type. Exfoliating both reveals fresh new skin cells and removes dead cells from pores, which results in better looking and more responsive skin which reacts better to your other products.

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Dry Skin

Those with dry skin may fear that a scrub will strip it further of natural oils. This may not necessarily be the case, as the scrub removes dead skin cells which are likely to have been preventing the skin from absorbing additional moisture. A gentle scrub immediately followed by a moisturiser will be perfect.

Prone to Break-outs

If you have skin that is prone to acne you may also be wary of using a scrub. Whilst it is inevitable that a heavy duty scrub can cause break-outs, a more gentle version can be hugely beneficial.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive types are also likely to do well with a mild scrub. Used in tandem with a cleanser suited to sensitive skin, this can restore your natural glow. Gentle cleansers or toners such as those in the Avene sensitive skin gift set found at may be used up to twice a week. They will clean gently but deeply without causing irritation.

Normal Skin

Those with normal skin in reality have a combination: an oily t-zone and dry cheeks. A perfect match for this type of skin is based on baking soda. Whilst these can be made at home, it is recommended to purchase such a product which will include other ingredients likely to enhance your skin’s condition. These facial scrubs can be used in addition to home peels.


As long as you don’t exfoliate your face too often it shouldn’t matter whether you do it in the morning or at night. However, if you often use a night cream it may be better to exfoliate just before applying your product at night. This will enable it to be better absorbed into your skin.


You will also get more out of your face scrub if you first put a wet and warm facecloth over your face. This helps to open your pores. Then clean your face with soap or a facial wash, and finally apply the scrub to your face gently, with your fingers or a facecloth. When you rinse your face, do it with cold water.