The Pitfalls to Avoid while You Score Your Shots!

Golfing is as much a physical activity as it is a mental one. It is all about how you feel about the game on that particular day and how you look forward to making the best out of it. There is no cliché is saying that it is a sport that derives most its power from how well fueled your mind is whether in its sharpness or in its swiftness to adapt to the changing strategies of the game. And therefore there are some mental mistakes that every golfer should avoid as his steps foot into the field for a round of play.

1. Play your best shot through your mind:

If you want your shot to be the classic one then only condition your mind to think about the best shot you have ever played and replayed that image over and over again. The key to the perfect shot is to switch off from your thoughts and only allow the positive image of your best shot to conquer the screen of your mind. This mental image is what really does the magic as it helps you play your best by focusing your mind on your best output abilities.

A lot of golfers miss out on this and they imagine every possible negative outcome that can result in their play and as a result, fail to achieve the ideal shot they visualized in their heads. It is our subconscious that attracts what we fear and as a result, works upon this pool of energy to feed and lower our self-esteem. Hence make sure to find your perfect picture before you play through.

2. Bring the Best Energy Onto the Field:

One of the most common mistakes that golfers make is to carry the energy of a failed shot further into the shot and possibly through the entire round. It is ok to not be able to perform sometimes but you should not let the result of shot dampen your entire game. If you get angry over a failed shot to make sure to take a minute’s breather, compartmentalize that anger and think about it only for that minute and by the end of it let it go, and continue the game with a fresh perspective. This will help you to channelize and focus better on the rest of your game and will also help you to plan and execute your coming strategies effectively.

3. Hit it Only When You Are Ready:

A lot of golfers play the shot without really being mentally prepared. You do not need to rush up since golf is a sport that allows you the luxury of time and patience. So take a deep breath and empty your mind of all else, then focus on getting the way you want your shot to go and give in all your mental energy into executing your body accordingly.

Most players ignore the “something is not right” feeling and still go ahead with the shot and then curse themselves for not trusting their judgment. What matters most in the spot is knowing your gut instinct and letting it lead you. It always works in your favor and makes you learn more than you could by just observing other players play.

So go ahead and plan out those most craved for golf vacations with your buddies and visualize the perfect scores as your ball flies through into the hole. All it takes is positive thought and the perfect body language to make your swing smooth and clear.