The Humble Marquee: An Innovative, Versatile Venue For Your Next Event

If you’re busy planning an event such as a wedding, birthday ‘do or anniversary get-together, you’re sure to be considering an appropriate place to hold your part or event. In this article, we hope to highlight some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a marquee.

Setting up a marquee for occasions such as weddings and private parties helps create a relaxed, open and at the same time professional atmosphere at an event. Many people choose to hire this sturdy yet temporary structure due to its simplicity and startling versatility.

Recall all the outdoor events that you have been to. Were you and the rest of the guests sheltered in a marquee? Thing about all the anniversaries, weddings or sporting events you’ve been to that have been held in a tent and compare them to events that were staged indoors in a boring function room or stuffy private suite. You’ll probably conjure up memories of sitting outside in the fresh air with your family, friends or work colleagues, looking at the stars, laughing, and joking in a comfortable and inviting outdoor space.

When To Hire A Marquee
There are many benefits of hiring a marquee for an outdoor wedding or reception party. Some people may choose to hire a marquee just for their reception, whilst others prefer to host the whole wedding day inside the marquee. Regardless, a marquee provides a stylish canopy that gives shelter from typical British weather conditions, such as strong winds, blaring sunshine and rainfall.

Similarly, hiring a marquee can be the ideal solution for a birthday party or family gathering. If you are celebrating an anniversary or a milestone birthday party then a marquee will offer all kinds of advantages over other types of party venues. For starters, you’ll have the ability to host your party close to your home if you have enough space in your garden, therefore will save money on transport to and from an external venue. You’ll also have the opportunity to decorate your marquee as you see fit, which is particularly handy if your event has a chosen theme. In fact, many marquee hire companies will be able to provide you with added extras such as furniture, temporary flooring solutions and even table decorations and other accessories.

The Growing Popularity of Marquees In The Corporate Sector
You may be surprised to learn that marquees are fast becoming a more attractive solution for corporate event organisers, too. When choosing a suitable venue for your conference, business fair or exhibition, there are many aspects to consider and you’ll need to cater to the needs of a diverse group of people. For example, you’ll have to determine whether the venue you might choose has good transport links (for both guests and members of staff) and whether it’s spacious enough to comfortably hold your expected audience. You may also need to set up internet access for your attendees, consider the venue’s audio visual capabilities and exhibition display units, organise WC facilities and, most importantly of all, you’ll need to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible in order to portray the host company as competent and professional. Sure, a traditional-looking exhibition hall venue will offer all of these things – but why not try something a little different and opt to hire a corporate marquee instead? It’ll certainly make the event memorable.