The famous “nerd” from Gloucester.

One of Gloucester’s most famous sons is the actor Simon Pegg. He grew up in the Village/Suburb Brockworth just outside of the city in the shadow of the Cotswold Hills. It was from this rural background that he attended the local Comprehensive before going to the  exclusive King’s College. The irony that this location was used for the filming of Hogwarts in Harry Potter was not lost on him as he has based a career on cult classics.

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These formative years ended when he moved to Warwickshire at the age of 16. He was sad as Gloucester has so much to offer esepcialy if you have a Park Homes Gloucester property like those at

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A degree in Arts and Media at Bristol University followed. It was here in the Arts scene of Bristol that he began to make his name. He was to work with some other people who went on to be successful including David Walliams.

He continued to take several small roles in some of the most influential comedies of the time including Big Train and working with Steve Coogan. He also played a serious role in Band of Brothers. His real big break and contribution came from the brillant Spaced, a sitcom he co-wrote with Jessica Stevenson. This led to the first of the Cornetto Trilogy, Shaun of the Dead. This got him to Hollywood and he has never looked back. He still thinks of his Gloucester roots, speaking of it frequently.