Taking Care of Your Alloys This Winter

Alloy wheels aren’t just an investment that you’ve made: they’re also a fundamental part of your car’s aesthetic appeal. That’s why taking care of them is a must, especially during those colder winter months. Below you’ll find some tips as to how you can keep your alloys in pristine condition this winter.


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Clean Them on a Regular Basis

Cars can become incredibly dirty throughout winter as the mud builds up on the road, which is why it’s important that you clean your alloy wheels on a regular basis. When you wash your car, be sure to treat your alloys with a fine spray to rinse them. Once you’ve soaked the alloys, rub away the excess dirt before using a fine brush to apply alloy wheel cleaner and a microfibre cloth to dry them. This gets into those harder-to-reach places to leave your alloys sparkling. You may also want to apply wheel wax every few months for added protection.

Watch Out for Potholes

Winter can see even more potholes springing up across Britain’s roads, so take extra care when you’re driving to avoid them. Manoeuvring and parking near kerbs should also be done carefully, especially if it has snowed and you can’t see them clearly. If you do hit a pothole or kerb, seek specialist advice about your Peterborough diamond cutting alloy wheels.

Get Any Damage Repaired

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, you may still end up damaging your alloys. So if your alloys are damaged in any way, it’s best to get them repaired as soon as possible to make sure this damage doesn’t get any worse. There are a number of specialists, including Peterborough diamond cutting alloy wheels companies, and they’ll use their experience and innovative tools to make sure your alloys look as good as new again.

Remove Your Alloys

Even though your alloys are a huge part of your car’s look and appeal, it’s sometimes cheaper and more sensible to remove these when you put your winter tyres on. During winter there’s far more dirt and moisture on the roads, which means that the best way to preserve your alloys is to not use them during the winter at all.

If you do take your alloys off, make sure you store them in a moisture- and humidity-free environment.