Summer house hacks – top decorating inspiration

A summer house offers a perfect place to indulge in hobbies or simply relax, and is an ideal addition to the garden.

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For a great summer house which reflects your style and taste, the right exterior and furniture can make you feel at home. Here are some summer house hacks for your own space.

1. A sleek garden office

The popularity of the garden office has reportedly grown by around 40 percent in the past three years.

A stylish summer house can create a stunning home office for hobbies or days working from home. Paint the exterior in a black shade for a sleek look, and make sure to keep interiors bright and light with modern furnishings and white-washed walls. Add a stylish contemporary desk to complete the look.

2. A woodland hideaway

A woodland summer house is perfect for nature lovers and creates an ideal hideaway. Keep the outside of the summer house simple, with an unpainted wood or wood stain finish to blend in with nature.

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If you’re in Worcester summer houses can be sourced from companies such as

For furniture and decorating, choose wooden textures and accessories with earthy tones of brown and green for fabrics.

3. A retro beach hut

What could be a better space for your own garden than a retro beach hut to relax in? With the correct decor, any summer house can be transformed into a comfortable seaside retreat.

Paint the summer house in vibrant shades of blue and add nautical accessories and furniture to create a truly authentic coastal feel. String lights can also add a pretty finishing touch to the space.

4. A party snug

A show-stopping summer house can transform into an impressive den at night. Add garden lights to accessorise the outside of the summer house for a magical evening feel, and consider using blue LEDs for a more contemporary look to create the perfect party snug for your garden.

Paint the summer house in a modern, pale hue and furnish with rattan furniture in modern designs to complete this contemporary look.

5. English garden style

All English country gardens need a summer house to makes the space even more special.

Use wooden whitewashed panels to evoke the English summertime look – airy and bright. Accessorise with furniture such as rattan furniture for a cosy, laid-back vibe.