Stresses over your tresses

If you stress over the state of your hair to the point that it leaves you in a foul mood, then know that you’re not alone. A recent Tresemme survey revealed that almost a quarter of women surveyed stated that they did not want to leave the house when experiencing a bad hair day. If you think this is an over the top reaction, consider that from a young age, girls receive more comments about their physical appearance than they ever do over any other achievement or skill.

From the get go in life, females learn that aspects of appearance are hugely important, more so than any other personality aspect or talent. It therefore becomes a marker for success from a young age. And it’s not the psychology of hair that effects the mood but there are physiological effects too. Women who have received cut, colour or both at a hairdresser’s salon show a reduction in blood pressure. This suggests that a haircut has a significant impact on your health and wellbeing, both psychologically and physically.

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Caring about your hair is not a negative thing. It can be an effective way of projecting your personality, saying things about who you are and of course, people make judgements based on what they are presented with visually. Hair plays an important role in your appearance, framing your face and being one of the first things people notice about you. It’s completely understandable, therefore, to care about your hair.

When you look good, you feel good. It gives you an extra confidence boost, making you feel braver and more socially outgoing. There is plenty of scientific evidence that says people perform better and things tend to go better when people are feeling positive and confident. If a haircut can do that for you, then book your appointment today. For a great Hairdresser Gloucester, visit

Just as good-looking hair can put us in a great mood for the day, a ‘do’ that’s misbehaving has the complete opposite effect. Studies show that when people report a bad hair day, they feel low self-esteem, insecure socially, self-critical and lower performance success in tasks. The choices we make about how we look are how we want to put ourselves forward to the rest of the world every day. It says something about our personality and social identity. When this goes wrong, it makes you feel powerless, de-railing your self-esteem and confidence.

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The good news for those suffering from a bad hair day is that nobody cares about it as much as you. Yes, other people’s judgements do happen quickly, but they are based on more variables than just your hair. Some studies suggest that when people look at another person, the face, hair and body are all taken in and calculated equally, without a single focus being applied to one specific area.