Should you use a hoist or a winch?

Although they can look similar and people often use the terms interchangeably, hoists and winches are actually made to do different things. Winches are intended to pull heavy loads horizontally over a mildly inclined or level surface, whilst hoists are designed to lift loads vertically.

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Hoists are specially designed lifting equipment intended for jobs that require the lifting or lowering of a load. They are usually made with chain or wire rope. Hoists can be powered by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motors or manually operated. Manual hoists tend to be ratcheted, levered or hand-cranked. Electric chain hoists are popular because they can be plugged into all standard electrical outlets. Air chain hoists are good for lifting heavy materials in dusty, dirty, or flammable environments.

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Winches are used to wind cable or rope in or out, creating tension that then enables them to pull an object. Winch drums can be powered by air, electricity, or hydraulics, although some are powered by manual means. Most winch drums are made of fabricated steel.

Electric winches are often used to tow cars, boats, or move heavy equipment. A hydraulic winch can also be used to help move heavy items.

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Whatever you choose, you must ensure that the lifting equipment has adequate strength and stability for the task.

Winch vs. Hoist

One significant distinguishing factor between a hoist and a winch – other than what they should be used for in terms of horizontal versus vertical – is the braking system.

Most off-road winches have dynamic brakes that use the gears in the winch for resistance. This makes them unsuitable for suspended loads. This means that if you were to try to use a winch like a hoist, its load could slip.

In contrast, hoists use mechanical braking systems and have a physical brake that locks the suspended material. They do not have a freespool mechanism. This combination makes hoists the safer option of the two for lifting materials. Hoists also have load-limiting switches to prevent them from attempting to lift more than they should.

You should avoid using a winch as a hoist unless the instructions clearly state it is specifically manufactured for this purpose.