Should I join a gym?

We all know that going to the gym is good for your health and we all realize that we should be a little more active. Joining the gym makes doing things a lot easier but if you need more motivation, here’s 10 great reasons to join a gym:

  1. It’s good for your health

We are stating the obvious with this one, but did you know that being active daily reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes?

  1. It’s beneficial for your mind and mood

When you exercise, happy chemicals called endorphins are released which can soothe anxiety and lift your mood.

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  1. This is a perfect stress reducer

Had a hectic day? Nothing is more valuable then jogging a greater distance or lifting more weight than you have before. In addition, the fitter you become, the better your body becomes at regulating the levels of cortisol (a hormone associated with stress).

  1. Use of the best equipment

Becoming a gym member allows you access to a lot of equipment you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, allowing you to keep your workout interesting and exciting. For more information on a Gym Dublin, visit

  1. Access to knowledge

If you are a beginner at working out, gym membership can give you the tools and knowledge to get started. Learn everything by ordering the induction program, attending classes or even get a Personal Trainer

  1. It encourages motivation

Attending the gym and being in a group of other motivated people can encourage you to keep pushing yourself. Plus, having a place to go sounds more exciting than working out on your own in the garden or in your living room.

  1. You get all-weather exercise

Sick of cancelling exercise because of the weather? Too dark in the winter to go running after work? The gym offers a good place to work out whatever the weather and time of year, so there is no excuse!

  1. Meet people like you

Joining a gym can be very sociable. When you start to attend regularly, you get to know everyone and before you realise it, you’re friends for life.

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  1. Get a better night’s sleep

Studies and research have demonstrated that people who exercise between five and six times a week are more likely to get a good night’s kip.

  1. You have a place to relax

In general, people join gyms to exercise but gyms are also the perfect place to relax. A calming swim or session in the sauna for some ‘me time’ will have you back to feeling ‘zen’ before you know it.