Shiny Coat = Healthy Dog

We all want to look our best and this applies to our pets too. If you have a dog, you’ll want to show off their beautiful glossy coat and this means maintaining your dog’s health for that optimum shiny coat. If you’ve noticed your dog’s coat looking a little dull or rough, it’s time to try these handy tips to perk up that lifeless fur:

  1. Nutrition

One of the most important ways to promote health is to ensure your dog is receiving a balanced diet of meat and protein. Fatty acids also play a large role in healthy skin and hair so make sure your pet is having lots of sardines, tuna and salmon. Dogs find the fish delicious and they’re packed full of omega-3 oils which helps put the shine back in a dog’s coat. A dull coat could be the result of poor nutrition but it’s also worth getting your dog medically checked to rule out any other causes. Certain parasites can strip a dog of key nutrients, such as hookworms, tapeworms and roundworm. Thyroid and kidney conditions could also be to blame, as well as ticks and fleas.

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  1. Regular Grooming

A regular session at the groomers or a simple brushing routine at home will stimulate hair and skin follicles. This stimulation will increase the production of natural oils needed to make a coat shiny. A good brushing should be done at least every other day. Brushing helps to remove dead hair which if not removed can cause hair to mat which become painful to remove. If matting does occur, have a professional groomer deal with it so as not to put your dog through unnecessary discomfort.

  1. Correct Tools

Make sure you are using the right tools for the job of brushing your dog’s coat. There is a vast array of brushes for the huge variety in coats among breeds. You should have one for the coat’s outer layer with wide spaces between the teeth and a finer brush for combing areas around the face.

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  1. Bathing

Regular bathing is essential but it’s equally important not to bathe too much or you’ll strip the coat of those essential oils. When to bathe will depend on your dog’s coat length, how dirty they get and any skin conditions. At least once a month is a good idea and it’s best to use natural products that won’t irritate. Some owners like to add a moisturising conditioner onto the coat afterwards. Natural ingredients and products containing Vitamin E are a good choice to avoid any allergic reactions resulting in Itchy Dogs. For a great range of natural remedies, visit

  1. Protection

If your dog spends a lot of time out in the elements, their coats will naturally become thicker and drier in response to the environment. If you want to improve the appearance of their coat, then make sure you are providing adequate shelter during winter and summer.