Seven Washroom Must-Haves

Public conveniences are essential whatever industry you’re in, and making sure your clients feel comfortable and satisfied with the facilities you provide will ensure they visit again and leave with a good impression of your business.

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Just as you wouldn’t return to a restaurant where you had been served a bad meal, it is unlikely a customer would return to a venue where the toilets were substandard or unsatisfactory.

Hand Dryer

Whichever type you opt for, hand dryers are more convenient, better for the environment and don’t result in used paper towels being left on the floor, in the sink or in overflowing bins. Despite recent reports to the contrary, evidence also shows that the high-powered hand dryers are more hygienic than paper towels.


Whether it is soap or toilet paper, the best way to provide these essentials is via dispensers, which can be easily and quickly refilled as and when required.

The recent ‘World Toilet Day’ highlighted the plight of many workers who have substandard facilities or no provision at all. Companies such as washroom service provider Gloucestershire can advise on simple and effective ways to make your facilities look and feel clean and welcoming, as well as recommend suitable solutions for individual premises.

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Baby Changer

Many companies put their baby-change units in the disabled toilet cubicles to save space. This is a practical solution, but if there is room for a changing table in the main washroom area, then have one installed, and don’t forget to provide baby changing facilities in both male and female toilets.

Disability Fixtures and Fittings

As well as providing a disability toilet and sink, make sure you also have grab bars fitted along with support seats.

Sanitary Bins

Regulations state that all business owners must meet the legal guidelines regarding sanitary waste. Make sure these are clean and emptied regularly and provided in both male and female facilities for customers with health issues.

Vending Machines
Your customers will thank you for providing a well-stocked vending machine with items such as toothbrush kits, contraceptive packs and sanitary products like tampons and nappies.

Air Fresheners

Ensuring there is a flow of fresh air will help keep the toilet area smell-free. There are also many air freshener options available offering a pleasant fragrance, so customers don’t have to put up with unpleasant smells.