Retail Trends Predicted for 2019

The retail currently world faces some of its biggest challenges and most exciting opportunities too. Let’s take a look at the five key predictions for retail trends in 2019.

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1. Sustainability

No one can shield themselves from the all-encompassing responsibility we each have for sustainability, and that includes retail businesses as much as anyone. You will see sustainability become a core concept of many brand’s missions over the next few years as each prove to be the bigger protector of the future.

2. Innovative Commerce Solutions

People want to be able to shop their own way, wherever they are. That means retailers will be coming up with more innovative commerce solutions in years to come. This may include a greater interface between social media platforms and retailers. See something you like? One-click purchasing from social media sites such as Instagram could be a thing of the future.

3. In-Store Technology

The store experience is likely to change enormously as visitors come to stores to have an ‘experience’ rather than just simply to make a purchase. In store media such as the music and content is a key way stores can improve experience through technology. There will also be better ways to shop, with improved in-store technology for a more seamless shopping experience.  In stores like Supermarkets the till operators are often sat for hours at a time so it’s important they keep a smile on their face.  Keep them comfy by giving them great seating like Operator Chairs from businesses like Best Buy Office Chairs.  These chairs are normally used within office areas due to call centre staff needing comfort but why not use them in other settings.

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4. Supporting Wellness

As the global population continue to be increasingly aware of their health and wellness, the most successful brands will support this shift in behaviour. This may be supported in a way which directly drives sales (healthier menu options) or ways which don’t necessarily drive sales but do improve the brand’s image by improving the wellness of consumers (providing information).

5. Data

The collection and application of data will have a huge effect on the way retailers operate in future. Not only does data make it easier to target consumers according to their preferences with personalized offers, for instance, and as a way to reward loyalty more effectively. AI and data collection can also help to create accurate tools for maintaining stock levels, better logistics and improved warehouse management.

As you can see, the years ahead will see some huge shifts in the retail world, and the most canny retailers will be ready to face the challenges and embrace the changes.