Planning and building a Log Cabin

Is there anything more romantic than a warm, welcoming log cabin in the woods or by the river? It’s a dream come true, a chance to escape form the pressures of life such as work, overcrowding and social media. Being back in nature in abuilding literally made out of nature is surely a wonderful release and good for the soul. Some can be bought like at Log Cabins for sale NI, for examples see this website , If you’re feeling really adventurous you can make you own in your own fashion if you fancy it. Here’s a very rough guide.

As with any project, planning is the key to success. The very first stage is planning out exactly to the details and specifications you want the simple 1 level or 2 level cabin to be, plus the amount of bedrooms and its dimensions. A kitchen or something extremely rustic and basic. You will need planning permission and own the land that the cabin will be on. Make sure that all of this is covered before you even attempt any construction. There are hundreds and thousands of cases where councils have stopped construction or made the removal of the building mandatory due to the paper work not being finished.

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Assuming you’ve got permission, the next stage is choosing the type of wood you want your house to be built out of. Some of the most popular types are Pine, Spruce and Cedar. These trees offer the best types of protection and installation. First things first make sure you’ve clearly marked out and lard down a concrete floor or look to build the floor of wood plans on stone stilts and plumbing water supply unless you want to sleep on natures floor and walk to the nearest water supply, which you may want to of course. An artisan well nearby is one thing that should be looked at to tap into the water table.

A chainsaw is required to cut and shape the trees into he right sized logs that you will need. You do have a chainsaw licence I take it? No? Go and get one first plus the relevant safety equipment. A short course in handling and maintenance can be usually taken at Colleges throughout the country. Alternatively, you can get a professional to come and do it for you but make sure they are fully aware of the specs that you need those logs to be at. Take the four best pieces that you have to create your base or sill.

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The floor is made with cut logs making a grid of small squares. These then need to be planked. You could buy these in. Either way you are going to have to use the services of a saw mill. You can then start to build using the logs you have. Don’t worry about doors and windows until the end you can cut them out when you’ve finished. Lot of work? Take a look at the website to save you some time.