Photon and Slyce Joins Together to Bring New Mobile Age

With the emergence of Smartphone’s, responsive web designs and increasing numbers of mobile apps, it has become significant for retail business to bring alteration in their traditional thoughts and marketing approach. Whereas some retailers have gone through major changes in order to meet the rapid transformation process to reaching customers, subsequent to change of Google’s algorithm and materialization of Armageddon, others need think comprehensively and act accordingly enabling them to maintain their growth rate and remain competitive in the market. Most importantly, it is now very much clear that traditional ways of ‘just Internet marketing’ is no more helping. In the days of fast developing retail based business across the global, you should formulate your marketing style globally to compete, sustain and progress.

No doubt, consumers are your only marketplace and buyers are becoming more mobile-prone with the advent of innovative apps that help them attain ease of online marketing which not only save their time but help compare varied rival products, features, prices within a few minutes to conclude their product. Therefore, think beyond typical e-commerce and find how inspired your rival retailers are across the globe and are equipped with the crucial shifting trends. Think wisely, when you become a buyer, you prefer research and buy your household necessities, no matter whether it is newborn’s outfits, fashion items or brand new car.

The Historical Partnership

You must be happy to learn from Photon Infotech reviews that in recent times Photon, the globally largest Omni-channel provider has partnered with Slyce Inc, to bring best visual search facilities helping both consumers and retailers. The President and CEO, Mark Elfenbein, Slyce Inc. as well as Co-founder and CTO Mukund Balasubramanian, Photon are now combined.

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Whereas the visual search technology is considered as one of the best empowering tools in mobile marketing, Slyce is leading fast towards expansion of visual search mechanisms in mobiles. It offers an exclusive platform facilitating retailers to be connected with consumers locally or globally instantly once they choose a product and knock to know more about it or have it. It’s on the other hand Photon Infotech reviews inform that the community brings the latest technologies to its consumers which help them attain significant benefits out of a wide array of mobile apps and help lines.

Photon Infotech is the leading and the largest developer and provider of Omni-channel designs for consumers, helping them with the sets of digital apps technologies and tools to match and attain their requirements. The massive group is dedicated in its areas of specialization and has brought newest tools and technologies in recent times including Wearables, iBeacons, IoTs or new payment moods. Photon Infotech Reviews confirm that the historical partnership between Slyce and Photon is going to bring a new age in mobile base marketing.

The Retailers will get significant helps from the visual search technology of Slyce while Photon’s customers can attain wonderful benefits by synchronizing their searching and employing procedures to achieve their requisites. The reviews also establish that the combined mechanisms are already implemented in some of their customer sites and its outcome has excited them to strengthen the partnership in order to bring overall change in mobile marketing industry.

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