Keeping the elderly warm this winter

Do you have older relatives or neighbours who are beyond 65 years old? Then, as winter approaches you should help to make sure that they are warm this winter. As we get older, we can turn out to be increasingly helpless to the cold and this can leave our relatives or neighbours powerless, especially if they are additionally stressed over the expense of heating. By keeping warm inside and outside the house, it is possible to lessen the danger of health difficulties related with the colder climate.

The most significant thing is to check the heating framework as this should run successfully and efficiently. For Bristol Boiler Installation, visit

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Watch that smoke alarms are working accurately and introduce carbon monoxide alerts if gas appliances are being used. Here are some further checks that you can take to ensure an older individual is sheltered and warm when the temperature drops:

Verify whether they are getting all the money related assistance that they are qualified for with respect to their heating bills.

Keep some salt and sand convenient to put on drives and walkways for them if it will ice over.

Would they benefit from a handrail at the front or back of their property?

Check that they have been to have their influenza vaccination at the GP.

Inquire as to whether they have all the medication they need or whether anything needs ordering or collecting, especially if poor weather is forecast.

Ensure that they have cold remedy medicine and supplies accessible.

Keep their food cupboards loaded up and offer to go shopping for them if they are struggling. Getting an online grocery delivery may be a good option for them.

Keep a light fitted with batteries should there be a power cut.

Ensure they have a lot of layers to wear, warm shoes or non-slip boots.

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Just as the physical limitations of chilly climate can isolate older people, those who live alone can endure emotional suffering as well. They may feel that they have become disconnected from companions and the family network. It is essential to keep normal contact by dropping in or calling on the phone. Better still would be a welcome to stay with you for some time so you can ensure that they are sheltered and well during bad weather.

Examine their property and check for holes in entryways and windows that may cause drafts. Draft excluders or foam strips can help keep heat from getting away. On the off chance that they have rooms they never use, turn off the radiators and close the doors. Foil set behind radiators will reflect more warmth once more into the room and is a straightforward advance that could help a lot in keeping an old companion or adored one simply that bit more toasty this winter.