It Is The Sports Events That Leave The Best Memories

If businesses want to entertain their clients to say thank you and improve relationships, the type of hospitality they offer is crucial. Sports events seem to be the most popular. They have a way of sticking in the mind.

Don’t Be Afraid To Spend

Businesses are looking at the costs of corporate hospitality closely in the present economic climate. Costs are being cut in every area and corporate hospitality is no exception. One of the difficulties of hospitality events is trying to work out exactly how much profit was made from the day. It is extremely difficult to put a value on networking success and improved relationships. Each firm will have to make its own decision on that, but one thing corporate hospitality does say is that the company hosting it is confident, enthusiastic and optimistic. They are not afraid to spend money. They smell of success.

Sport Is The Most Popular Choice

When it comes to trying to decide what kind of event to hold, sports hospitality appears to be the main contender. There is a huge list of choices for sports events. Here are just a few: football, cricket, tennis, rugby, horse racing, Formula One racing, golf, boxing, polo, go-kart racing, cycling, clay shooting, archery and sailing. The advantages of most of these is that the guests can be kept together in one place, therefore, that makes it easier to network. They are a good chance to spend time with your clients and build relationships.

Leave Cheerful Memories In Clients’ Minds

Sporting events normally leave positive memories in clients’ minds. They will remember where they were when, say, England won at Twickenham, or the final was held at Wimbledon and they will remember the company that invited them. A special sporting event will underline how much you value their business. Getting in contact with clients will be easier and they will be able to put a face to the voice on the phone.

It is important to use the facilities for corporate days. Having clients together in the corporate hospitality box is obviously better than having them spread out in the stands. There it would be difficult to have a serious conversation and it would not feel quite so special. The more stylish the sports hospitality the better for the purposes of drumming up business, but it is a fine line to tread. It can be risky to be too lavish. Your clients might suspect you are charging too much. A day at the races is always a good choice. There are around 60 racecourses in Britain and racing is held every month of the year. Glorious Goodwood would be impressive, but clients can have just as much fun at smaller meetings and it is not only clients who appreciate these events. They are a good way to reinforce team spirit and thank staff for their efforts. They can improve staff communication in a company.