Is SEO Work for Your Website Ranking Success in 2016

After 2012, Google started taking action to cut all the Fake SEO Gurus and Spammers to give better search results to their users. Google gave so many updates on and on like penguin 1, 2 and 3 also hummingbird and what not? Google has become a nightmare for any SEO specialist now. If we see client point of view that are looking for genuine services to get rank for their site, what should they look for?

Here is the guide for success in online marketing in 2016

Here I would like to state Win – Win strategies that can definitely help in getting rank in Google.

  • Content, Content and Content

We have been seeing since the SEO started that “content is the king of the market”, but I must say not all the sites following it. Content quality matters a lot and they should be 100% user friendly to engage them on our websites and blogs. As per the current scenario, Google is giving much importance to unique information mentioned on the site. So, it is advisable to use quality contents on site.

  • On-Page Optimization

A survey says most of the sites don’t see the on-page part of the site clearly and that becomes their loophole and they don’t see their site in ranking. Keywords, Call to action, Enough information, meta tags, meta descriptions, less time of loading, social media presence and everything is very important to see while seeing the SEO part of the site.

  • Update your blog on regular basis

Blog is the most important part of the money site, because the chances of getting more traffic on our website depends on the new articles that we are publishing regularly on our website blog. Contents which we publish on the blog should give answers to every question that readers looking for. It can gain the trust of readers and after all the reader can be converted in to the real buyer from your site.

  • Do link building (BUT DON’T SPAM)

People think that link building does not exist now days, but no! It is still worth to do. Everyone has to make sure that they are building links for their money sites so don’t go on building links crazily. See the moz rank, DA, PA, Trust flow, Contents, Social media presence of the site before getting link from it. Gain links smartly, and it is most advisable to get links from high authority contents. Google will never ban if you are providing something valuable to their readers through contents.