Important Add-ons for Seaspray Pools

Swimming pools are great, because they provide families with a place to relax, feel great, and maintain in great shape. However, there are situations when they can become hazardous, such as when letting kids to play as they may accidently slip and fall. A few add-ons for your pool are in order, if you want to maintain this place on your property risk free, dirt free and as much fun as possible. Here are some important add-ons owners may want to consider for their Seaspray pools.

Special sonar to monitor the kids
In case you have kids, and you worry for their safety when they play in the backyard, around the pool, a very good add-on to have installed is special sonar. Pool sonars are especially designed to detect unusual movements, so they are very useful, in case one of the children accidentally falls in the pool and gets hurt. An alarm will be triggered right away, and you will be able to intervene on time. The automated alarm will help parents maintain their peace of mind, while they are going about their business around the house, without necessarily having to keep an eye on the kids all the time.

A vacuum for keeping the pool clean
A pool vacuum is very handy for keeping the water clean. Hiring professional cleaners can be expensive, which is why it is a much better deal if you just choose to purchase a vacuum and use it yourself. The vacuum will remove all the debris, dead leaves and other things from the water, keeping the pool clean for a longer time. To maintain Sea Spray pools clean and beautiful, without the need to replace the water, a pool vacuum is exactly what you need.

Maintaining safety with pool filters
Pool vacuums can only do this much. They cannot fight bacteria or viruses, because they can only remove larger things from the water surface. However, where they fail, pool filters come to help; they are especially designed to maintain the water in your pool free of bacteria and viruses. This way, you will make sure that the health of your family is not at risk, when using the pool.

An automatic chlorinator
While pools with natural water are better for those who are not crazy about bathing in chlorinated water, chlorine is very useful in fighting bacteria and the growth of algae. This means that you will enjoy a cleaner pool for a longer time. If you do not want to add chlorine manually, to stop algae growth, your best solution is an automatic chlorinator; this will take care of your chlorine adding routine, while you enjoy clean, bacteria free water in your pool.