How Weddings Have Changed

Weddings have changed a huge amount just in the last couple of decades. Gone are the obligatory white dresses, formal posed photographs and stuffy traditions. Today’s weddings have an ‘anything goes’ feel where brides and grooms can call the shots. Here are some obvious things that have changed about weddings:


Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that they’re everywhere. Sadly, you can spot at least one in every photo – and it’s even worse when it’s the bride who’s taking selfies for her social media profiles! Kids aren’t running amok on the dance floor anymore but stuck in the corner on their iPads. A recent wedding backlash has started, called the ‘unplugged’ wedding where such devices are banned.

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Still on the digital theme, personalised hashtags have become an important way for people to collect photos from family and friends and your photographer might even join in the fun! For a Bexley Wedding Photographer, visit

3.Film making a comeback

A decade ago it seemed that film was going the way of the VHS and was becoming obsolete. Digital photography was poised to take over the world. Film has made a comeback though, with many photographers embracing the media or at least, finding a way to make digital look like film.

  1. Lights, Camera, Action!

In the days of old, photographers relied on what natural light was available with a kind of ‘let’s work with what we’ve got’ attitude. Photos could turn out great or just satisfactory, it was all a bit hit and miss. Nowadays, photographers can bring all the necessary lights with them, so they can take great shots in any situation. If it’s overcast and rainy, creative lighting set-ups will make everything beautiful again.

  1. Non-Traditional weddings

Instead of you fitting a wedding, now the wedding fits you. The whole experience is completely personalised now, and anything goes. Websites and magazines have done a great job in featuring all kinds of offbeat weddings, including brides with tattoos for example. A decade ago, this would not have been shown. If you want to marry in a barn, you can. If you want to wear Dr Marten boots, you can and the number of unique venues getting marriage licenses increases every year.

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  1. Seeing Each Other Before the Ceremony

A modern trend is to ditch the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. There are many benefits to forgetting this tradition. First Looks, as the trend is known, can make the day run smoother and feel much more relaxed. You can get all the formal photos done and enjoy a drink with your guests before the ceremony, so you can relax as soon as the vows have been exchanged. Some of the best and most stunning photos are also taken during the moment of the ‘first look’.