How to reduce the risk of drain blockages

We all know that prevention is better than cure, but it’s easy to forget about your drains because they’re usually out of sight – and out of mind until something goes wrong. A drain blockage can be costly and unpleasant, so here are some top tips for looking after your drains.

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Round the bend

One simple tip will keep your drains well maintained. Never flush anything that isn’t human waste or toilet paper. Getting rid of food waste by flushing it is a recipe for disaster. Instead, put coffee grains on the compost heap and dispose of other food waste in the bin.

Wet wipes are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to clogging toilets and drains. In fact, cotton buds, sanitary products and nappies should all be disposed of through your normal household waste. Even if they claim to be biodegradable, they won’t get the opportunity to break down in a drain pipe.

Deal with grease

Everyone knows about London’s fatberg, so if you don’t want one in your own drains, you’ll need to manage grease disposal in your domestic or commercial kitchen.

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As fat cools, it sets and clogs your drains. Using Stainless Steel Grease Traps will help you manage grease and fat. Stainless steel grease traps let you dispose of waste oil and fat without clogging your drains.

Hair today, blocked drains tomorrow

Hair is another offender when it comes to clogging drains. The easiest way to deal with a potential hair blockage is to install fine mesh screens over all your plug holes to trap hair or other particles before they can enter the drainage system.

Keep it clean

Keeping your drains free of the wrong kinds of waste will give you peace of mind. Start by educating everyone in the household about what can and what cannot be flushed or poured down the sink.

A handful of bicarbonate of soda followed by some very hot water will help to get rid of any fats that may have built up in your drains. You can also try using vinegar instead of water for a deeper cleaning and deodorising action.

Invest in a plumber’s snake to ensure that your drains are free of blockages, and you’ll know that there are no nasty surprises waiting in the U bend to catch you out!